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Welcome and hello at TRUETONE Guitars! Thank you for visiting our website. In each guitar we build, you'll find a lot of passion and enthusiasm about guitars. The following pages will provide you with a compact insight into our company as well as our philosophy of building guitars. Enjoy!

Montoya Nylon/Classic Series

Montoya instruments have a solid spruce or cedar top, the back and the sides are laminated. Our bracing pattern gives these guitars a powerful tone and a good balance between trebles, mids, and bass.

Paramount Contemporary Series

The Contemporary Series is our interpretation of a modern guitar concept. It was designed for guitarists who are on the lookout for a sophisticated instrument with a unique tonal character.

Paramount Faves Series

By measuring original vintage instruments and applying high-tech methods, we have taken great effort to build instruments in the way they were produced at the time of their launch.